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Exercises to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Posted by on Aug 28 2012
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Nerves and muscles need to be regularly put into motion for the proper overall functioning of our system.  If they are not exercised and maintained regularly, pain will crop up thus Read More >

Relief of Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Relief Naturally

Posted by on Aug 16 2012
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Nearly everybody encounters lower back pain at a point in time due to prolonged bad sitting posture, lack of exercise that cause an impingement sensation of the sciatic nerve. When Read More >

Massages to relief stiff neck

Relieve Stiff Neck Naturally

Posted by on Jul 31 2012
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A stiff neck may arise following a brisk movement of the head when one tries to look sideways or backwards by moving the head rather than turning the whole body. The pain may be due Read More >

Proper Breathing Exercise

Proper Breathing Technique

Posted by on Jun 11 2012
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We take for granted the air we breathe as it is freely available.  We breathe without much effort; however, our breathing patterns show marked changes under diverse conditions. A human Read More >


Reflexology – Heartburn Remedies

Posted by on May 26 2012
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Reflexology is very popular and is considered as one of the best of alternative means to get relief.  It is practiced by applying pressure from the thumb to specific reflex points Read More >


Heartburn Natural Remedies

Posted by on May 25 2012
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Around one third of adults encounter a feeling of heartburn at one time or another. Heartburn is a feeling of burning sensation in the chest.  It is often mistaken that something is Read More >

Reflexology of the foot

What is Reflexology?

Posted by on May 16 2012
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It is believed that reflexology was originated from ancient Egypt as supported by messages found in the physician’s tomb at Saqqara in Egypt.  However, others claimed that reflexology Read More >

Healthy Bones and Muscles

Healthy Bones and Muscles

Posted by on Apr 30 2012
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Healthy Bones and Muscles This article is about the importance of maintaining our bones and muscles to make us enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  First, let us start with a short introduction Read More >

subliminal health and fitness

Subliminal Health and Fitness

Posted by on Apr 23 2012
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Subliminal Health and Fitness Are you looking for ideas how to get fit without work out? Subliminal Health and Fitness Program has especially been developed for those who are looking Read More >


Benefits of Aloe Vera

Posted by on Apr 21 2012
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Aloe Vera is claimed worldwide to have moisturizing , rejuvenating, healing or soothing properties. Aloe vera is closely associated with herbal medicine.  It is a myth or reality? Read More >

Healthy Living Tips

  • Healthy Living Recipes

    Get Healthy Now

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    Who would not like to feel like being twenty at all ages? It has been proven Read More >

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Bones and Muscles

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