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Relief for Lower Back PainNerves and muscles need to be regularly put into motion for the proper overall functioning of our system.  If they are not exercised and maintained regularly, pain will crop up thus preventing you from performing our daily routines.  One common such pain is lower back pain which most of the time is due to bad posture or lack of exercise.  It is therefore recommended that we perform regular stretching exercises to stimulate the particular nerves and muscles that control them.

Some parts of our body are generally hard to relax.  In the following stretching exercises described herewith you will learn how to perform these exercises, be aware of the specific positions that stretch these nerves and muscles to relieve lower back pain.

Stretching Exercises - Relax Position

Initial Position for Stretching ExercisesTo start with, lie down comfortably on a flat and relatively hard surface. Relax with knees bent and soles of your feet together, bring your knees  gently near the floor as far as you can. This comfortable position will stretch your groin, part of the sciatic nerves. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Do not overdo the stretching, let the natural pull of gravity do the stretching.

Stretching Exercises - Stretching Your Groins

Stretching of the groinsWhile the groins are stretched in this lying position, rock your legs simultaneously and gently about 10-15 times as one unit back and forth. Perform these easy movements of about 1 inch (or more if you are comfortable with)  in either direction as illustrated. Feel the movements from the top of your hips. These movements will gently make your groins and hips more flexible and supple, at the same time the stretching will relieve lower back pain, if any,  in that area.

Stretching Exercise - Lower Back Muscle

By bringing your knees together, rest your feet on the floor, you will feel the gentle stretch of the groin.

Stretching ExercisesInterlace your fingers and place them behind your head. Rest your arms on the floor and the relaxed sensation.

Lift your left leg and place it over the right leg.

Make use of your  left leg to pull your right leg towards the floor.  Keep the upper back, head, shoulders, and elbows flat on the floor. Feel a good stretch along the side of the hip or in the lower back. Keep the stretch sensation and be relaxed, hold this position for 30 seconds.

Exercises to stretch sciatic nerveStretch up to a point where you are comfortable without too much pressure, the idea is not to touch the floor with your right knee, but to stretch within your limits. At first, you may find this exercise hard but with practice you will be able to touch the floor comfortably.



stretching exerciseRepeat stretch for other side by crossing your right leg over left leg, pull your left leg towards the floor.

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  1. Now a days sitting jobs for everyone, causes back problem 20-30%. Need to do some exercises for it, posture should be straight.

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