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Reflexology is very popular and is considered as one of the best of alternative means to get relief.  It is practiced by applying pressure from the thumb to specific reflex points of the feet, the hands and ear lobes.   The reflex points reflect an image of the body’s organs on the feet and hands. Manipulating these reflex points by applying pressure on them can bring health improvement through one’s qi which according to Chinese Philosophy and medicine is the circulating life force.

Reflexology is nowadays the most popular of all the alternative therapies and it seems that it can treat almost any illness. By applying pressure on the reflex points shown in the reflex charts can, for example, act as a heartburn relief.

Reflexology as a Natural Heartburn Remedy

reflexology-remedy-HeartburnBefore applying pressure on the specific reflex points, the person receiving the massage must:

1.  Soak both hands and feet in warm water
2.  Lie down comfortably to get a relaxed feeling
3.  Use aromatic oil on the reflex points to boost up the state of comfort and relaxation.

You will find the reflex points of the hands and feet to treat heartburn on the reflexology charts.  You will note that the area on the left and right members are not the same in size.

Start with the left hand by giving a general massage for around one minute to get the muscles relaxed and get a good blood circulation.

Then, massage slowly and gently with the thumbs the reflex area (shown in red), the area is linked to the stomach and.  Apply the right amount of pressure, not too hard and not too lightly,  so that the person receiving the massage is comfortable and accepts the amount of pressure he is receiving at the reflex point.  You may find that some areas may have a different feeling to the touch, as if there are granules of sugar under the skin – these points need additional massage.

Carry on massaging the left hand for around 4 minutes. Complete the massage of the left hand by giving it a general massage for about 1 minute.

You can now start with the right hand by following the same procedure explained above.

Heartburn Remedy- ReflexologyIt’s time now to start with the left foot, apply the same methods as on the hands.  Once you complete the left foot, you can start with the right foot.

When you have completed the reflexology massage on the hands and feet, the person who received the massage can lie down for a couple of minutes; he can have a cup of green tea afterwards. People who suffered from this ailment have found that reflexology has in some cases resulted as a heartburn cure.



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